The Power of Love is the annual event for people with HIV and their loved ones. The Power of Love is informative, inspiring and heartwarming. It is a mix of medical information, experiences of other people that live with HIV, performances and videos. The Power of Love will take place on Wednesday evening July 25 2018, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. in the legendary DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. The event is in English.

In that week the world’s largest congress on HIV is staged in Amsterdam. Some eighteen thousand doctors, researchers and people living with HIV will share the latest knowledge and experiences. At The Power of Love two HIV physicians and an HIV nurse specialist will clue us in on the
most important developments that have been presented that week on the conference AIDS 2018, in an everyday language.

Fred Verdult

Maybe you recently heard that you’re HIV positive, maybe you have been living with the virus for many years, maybe you know someone who has HIV: in every case I warmly invite you to The Power of Love; the eleventh edition of the popular and inspiring yearly event, organised by
Volle Maan, in cooperation with the Dutch Association of people living with HIV, Aidsfonds and numerous other organisations in the field of HIV in the Netherlands.

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Princess Mabel

Princess Mabel van Oranje is guest of honor at The Power of Love and she will contribute to our program onstage. Princess Mabel has been committed to freedom, justice and development for more than twenty years. She co-founded War Child Netherlands and Girls Not Brides, the worldwide partnership against child marriages. Recent studies show that child brides are much more likely to get infected with HIV than sexually active teenagers that are not married.

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‘The Power of Love in a unique and inspiring way connects the communities of people living with HIV, their loved ones and the HIV research and care provider communities. AIDS 2018 delegates, go see for yourself!’

Professor Peter Reiss, Local Co-Chair AIDS 2018

Let your voice be heard!

Bring your smart phone if you have one, because in the DeLaMar Theatre you can participate in the Power of Love poll via the free wifi connection: How is your life with HIV? How do you experience your HIV meds? Do you suffer from negative reactions? Did anything positive
come out of your HIV? You’ll be able to see how the other participants answer
these questions right away.


Should I move quickly? How do I get to the DeLaMar Theatre? I’ve got another question!

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Art posters, Positive Flame candles and shirts, a free Art Bag and Positive Flame pin.

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Thank you!

Thank you!